Dr. Alin Alkass – Full Service Dentist

Dr. Alin Alkass provides a community dental resource where dental care is exceptional and affordable. When he became a dentist he chose to be a full service dentist specializing in family and cosmetic dentistry. He graduated the New York University School of Dentistry in Manhattan, New York in 2005, and chose to return to his hometown of Chicago to practice. After working with several dentists since he graduated, he established his own practice and calls it “Smiles on Elston.”

Dr Alin Alkass performs fillings and replacement fillings, periodontal maintenance, and tooth nerve therapy and the installation of porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns for adults and children. Dr. Alkass also takes advantage of state of the art dental equipment and techniques to help his patients retain their own teeth longer with regular dental care.



Besides offering family and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alin Alkass offers comfort and compassion to make a stressful visit to the dentist a positive experience. Upon meeting Dr. Alkass for the first time, patients find a dentist that is professional and exudes confidence, which in turn, gives patients confidence in the dental work he delivers.